EU-ToxRisk aims to advance the approaches developed in the project into regulatory and commercial practice. Many of the EU-ToxRisk partners are small or medium sized enterprises with established capabilities in different areas that can feed into a state-of-the-art service package for innovative chemical safety assessment. The EU-ToxRisk consortium has ample expertise in in silico modeling (including toxicokinetic modeling, chemo- and bioinformatics), innovative high throughput platforms, advanced test systems, and integrative information, communication and management tools, that will be integrated in pragmatic testing strategies for chemical risk assessment. This expertise can then be exploited as:

  1. An integrated service and test package in a self-sustainable cross-company commercialization platform.
  2. Partner-based individual exploitation strategies.

In order to exploit techniques as outlined above, EU-ToxRisk will ensure the high quality and reproducibility of test systems through stringent quality assurance methods and validation studies (up to small ring trials), and will run practical use case studies to test applicability at industrial partners in the consortium. The integrated service and test package will remain flexible and allow the entry of new test systems and methods, as well as improvements to previous versions, at any moment. The entry of novel tools will not be limited to EU-ToxRisk tools, but will be driven by market needs and allows for inclusion of other SMEs that can provide novel elements and improvements that are to the benefit of the overall package.

Novel toxicological methods initially require special expertise, have a long time-to-market and low regulatory acceptance. EU-ToxRisk anticipates that such a joint exploitation strategy will boost the market position of contributing SMEs, bring the innovative products faster to the market, and reach different industry sectors and other stakeholders more effectively.