Deliverable 2.3: Compound references information resources

Deliverable 2.6: EU-ToxRisk knowledge infrastructure sustainability

Deliverable 3.4: Repository of in silico methods

Deliverable 5.1: AOPs and key events for adverse effects

Deliverable 7.6: Applicability domain of TTB for DART and RDT defined

Deliverable 10.1: Mapping ToxCast data to AOPs

Deliverable 11.2: Hazard assessment based on read accross

Deliverable 11.3: (Ab initio) hazard assessment

Deliverable 12.3: Central service package

Deliverable 12.5: Sustainable commercialization platform

Deliverable 13.3: Dissemination of midterm results

Deliverable 13.4: Dissemination of final results